The Great Sinhalese Novel


The Great Sinhalese Novel,

or The Digital Divine Diary of God Vishnu
by bunpeiris

Chapter 1

“Sri Lanka’s King Sihabahu’s son, Vijaya from Lal country has reached Lanka, together with seven hundred followers. Lord of gods, my Faith will be established in Lanka. Therefore, protect him along with his followers & also Sri Lanka diligently” My lord Sakka, the lord of the gods had no hesitation in entrusting the protection of Lanka to me for my love for the little island was no secret for him. “My lord Vishnu, the command of master rests in your hands”.

At last, here lands the Humans, the favorite tribe of all gods. The ships would carry no less than seven hundred Vangas. I had been tired of Demonic tribes in the island of Sri Lanka. The demonic brutalities of the Malyawath, Malin & Sumalin had severely tested the boundaries of divine magnanimity of mine. I failed. I was no longer able to stand aside tolerating the heinous crimes: I forced the unhuman off the kingdom of Lanka.

Then again in spite of the great splendor & magnificence of Sri Lanka’s King Kuwera, he was brought to an early demise by King Ravana, again of Demon tribe. King Ravana, although a non-human, was a man of principle, if I may say so. After all you might agree in view of my poetic license being divine. All good things must come to an end & the great splendor & glory of King Ravana too found its way into non existence. He broke the commandment that Moses would inscribe in time to come, in tabernacles ‘thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife’. What a price did he pay for a woman? He lost the whole kingdom, all his warriors, all his ten heads. Human centuries later Gas Coigne would even jest, pointing to the ten heads of King Ravana Of Lanka while being taken to the execution by decapitation. He had the audacity to reap the fruits of his clandestine love affair, consummate his love with Queen Pramila. Now, he would gladly lose his head for his women. Humans would always loss their head for a woman; that’s the eccentric beauty of their race. But then viewed in the backdrop of all non-divine virtues & vices, it was not much unlike of human race. Thousands ships were launched in Greece to bring back Helen of Troy; if Cleopatra’s nose could be half an inch shorter, western civilization, in time to come, would unravel in a different direction; Caesar will be bound to loss the script in Sri Lanka.

But then again all those weren’t of great importance. Timely divine intervention to prevent the epic war between Kauravas & Pandavas ought to have taken place. It is easy for now, everybody to sit back & point fingers at gods. But then did we the gods fail in that too or was it the fault of humans? Isn’t Karma ought to take its cause without divine intervention? Aren’t the humans endowed with Free Will? Human greed was such Duryodana wouldn’t return even a bastard wreck of a village to five Pandayas. Since we have bestowed the concept of honour, would five Pandaya simply leave their motherland? Had the epic war not occurred, hadn’t put kotis of splendid young men to an early demise, the human civilization taken a much superior, almost divine course of passage.

Had the epic war not occurred, the humans would be deprived of the literary masterpiece of Mahabharata, & among millions of others, blogger bunpeiris wouldn’t read Mahabharata at the age of ten in his mother tongue, Sinhala. But then all these monologues should be put into the back burner. I rush to the ancient Island of Lanka. What a lovely name? In Sanskrit, the language of the gods, name Lanka means “The resplendent Island”. In the guise of a wandering ascetic, I resort to sit at a foot of a giant Na tree, the would be national tree of the nation. My mind’s eye peeped into the future. No fiction would ever be composed anywhere near to the history of Lanka that would begin to unravel within a few human moments.

The ultimate blow to fiction would be hammered broadside by the history of Lanka. The grandeur & splendor of the epic narration of history of Lanka that would be narrated in time to come in Mahavamsa would belittle all human efforts of fiction. What a glorious nation it is bound to become? I can see the ships anchored & men diving off the ships to the shallow waters. Prince Vijaya is the first reach the beachhead. His followers follow close at heel & rest in the copper colored beach. Having rested, they get up & wipe the sand off their palms. Some of them stare at their palms in amazement. The palm which had rested on the palm colored beach have become copper colored. Very fine coppery sand wouldn’t leave their hands. “Thambapanii’ Prince Vijaya exclaims.

Venturing into the land, they find me seated serenely at the foot of the giant Na tree. “Oh! The first one we meet is wandering ascetic. We have been wanderers too. It’s a fine omen. Now it seems we are bound to settle in the island. And we might as well pick up a leaf from his lord of serenity too.” They close in & kneel at my feet at the beach of Lanka. “May you live long, my lord” the Prince greets me in Sinhala giving birth to the traditional Sinhalese  Sri Lanka Holidays greeting of the nation “Ayubowan”. “May you live long too” And may your progeny live long too.” “My lord, what do you call this island?” ‘Prince, this is the land of Lanka, the resplendent island” The prince watches me intently. My answer addressing him with his rank ruffled him to an extent, yet not much. He is a fine specimen of a human being: dashing with a touch of arrogance. I read the mind of the prince: Oh! Lanka, a lovely little name! Of course it is a resplendent island; our palms are already copper colored. My lord, is this island inhabited? “There are no human beings here. Fear not, there will be no danger to you”

The prince watches me closely. He wonders if there aren’t humans, whether there could there be non-humans. He also thinks of my blessings on his progeny, assurance. He has not even a faint shadow of a fear of any being. Right over his heart, he sports a huge solid mettle pendent, two human knuckles thick mini shield embossed with well sculpted majestic face of a great lion. The pendent is plated with Teflon providing it a kind of skidding surface: no great spear would pierce it. On his rippling arms and rounded wrists too are smaller versions of the same lion shield. His rear is unprotected: a sure sign he wouldn’t turn tail in the battle. Two crossed swords in leather sheaths hangs over his shoulders giving tell tale signs that he is ambidextrous.

For a man, he wears a high volume of mettle. But then, without being a giant, he is exceedingly well built and doesn’t seem to be weighed down by protective metal shields. Without wearing the traditional battle armor, he is ready to give battle. A pair of designer cut brilliant blue Ceylon Sapphires of The Island Of Gems dazzle in his exceedingly long ears. His long ears say of his royal clan: he is from no less than Maha Sammatha Vansa of Gauthama Buddha. The lion like forehead, the manly moustache conjoined with a well trimmed designer beard and his commando poise is very impressive. He is ahead of his time, very stylish, chic. Cool, I like his style, by god.

Welcome to Sri Lanka. I chose to circumvent the question of the prince. Of course the island of Lanka is inhabited. And it is inhabited by no less than Demons: they can change form in a split second; appear of disappear at their whim; move rocks & rivers. Most of all, their military prowess is on par with us, the gods. The prince & his outcasts are already in the demon’s den. Now, it is time for me, to interfere. My Lord, the king of Gods, Sakra entrusted me to protect the island till the arrival of next Buddha, Maithree Buddha in another 5000 human years.

Looking into the future of history of Lanka, I could see the intermittent invasions of marauding Dravidians from South India would wreak havoc upon Lanka, the resplendent island. I made a note in my digidivinetel [Digital Divine Diary] to help the heroic princes who would appear mostly from south of the land, Ruhuna to regain their kingdom and reestablish glory: King Walagamba (BC103- 76), Prince Dutugamunu (BC 161-137) , Prince Kirthi (1065-1120 AD), Prince Parakrama (1164-1197 AD) and Prince Diyasena aka Don Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa or Mahinda Rajapaksa (born 1945)(Modern Sri Lanka).

Ruwanwelimahaseya Sri Lanka

Ruwanwelimahaseya Stupa,  Sri Lanka

Ruwanweliseya Stupa   Sri Lanka

After all we, the gods could only help those who help themselves.
The ultimate test of the mettle of the lion nation would come in the war against a Dravidian marauder in just over 2500 human years, halfway between the period of which the next Buddha, Maithree would appear in this planet called earth, a zillion light years far from the abode of we, the gods, the resplendent beings endowed with non earthly powers denied to other beings. A charismatic and majestic lion-hearted prince endowed with a lion like forehead and adorned with a manly moustache from Ruhuna would emerge with his sibling Gotabhaya to take the battle to the Dravidian marauder at the “The Turn Of The Screw” at “The Turn Of The Tide” and overhaul the pathetic notion of “human impossible” with the conquest at “The Sea of Conches.” The villain who would put Kalinga Maga to the shame would be vanquished by Prince Diyasena aka Don Percy Mahendra (Mahinda) Rajapakse, the hero of Modern Sri Lanka. He would show the rest of the planet, to take the world on, all you need is human courage.

God Vishnu

God Vishnu

Chanting my Sri Lanka blessings melodiously, I sprinkle water on all of them, one by one. They gaze in amazement; the ball of thread wouldn’t end. In a flash, all of the followers of the Prince are on their feet with swords drawn off their sheaths. “Stay your hands” commands the Prince who is still seated. All of them sheath their swords, yet alert to all possible signals from the prince & signs & sounds of the surroundings. Their eyes are peeled scanning the whole landscape in the front & the flanks; their ears are tuned to pick up all sounds from rear. The Prince holds his stare at me. He had noted a flutter of my eyes while chanting, and my shadow too: the ascetic is not a demon. I look back to his past; he hasn’t encountered Sri Lanka‘s demons.

“Nobody makes a move” commands Prince. “Be at ease” the prince commands once again. All of them kneel down once again in the coppery beaches of Sri Lanka. Having sprinkled water on all seven hundred of them, I take a small ball of cotton thread & once again chanting tie pieces of thread around each & every one of them. Once again they watch me in sheer amazement; the small ball of thread keeps unraveling yards & yards & still doesn’t diminish in size at all. “May all Sri Lanka gods protect you my lord, May you gain great merits by way of blessing dispensed upon us” the prince declares. “May all big & small gods protect all of you, great prince. “May you go with the ways of Sri Lanka‘s gods.” Written by bunpeiris

I’ll be back. I will complete The Great Sinhalese Novel, if not in this birth, following my death at the age of 83, in my next birth once again in Sri Lanka, by the name of Kushlan. And I will have my vengeance. And I’ll be the one who would bring The Nobel Prize for Literature to Sri Lanka. Today,I am in one of those fits of “kill them all come back along”-courage bordering insanity. bunpeiris

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Don Percy Mahendra [Mahinda] Rajapaksa, the Hero of Modern Sri Lanka

Don Percy Mahendra Rajapakse, the Hero of Modern Sri Lanka

Don Percy Mahendra Rajapakse, the Hero of Modern Sri Lanka

You want it, you seek, locate and manipulate data; set your sights on the target, make your move, gather momentum day by day, get going, going, reaching, reaching… never say die, Die Hard, Bruce Willis Zillion times improved in real life, playing in the world stage against the western powers. The first president to acknowledge the reality openly and act on same: India is our blood relation; China is our bosom friend.

Don Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa aka Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Hero of Modern Sri Lanka, who saved the island nation from three decades of bloody war & terrorism, taking snaps of popular post election gatherings in the first half of 2015, prior to making his decision to run for August 2015 general elections: then & there data gathering; assessing the popular support for him; involving himself in the basic levels to the supreme levels; leaving no stone unturned.
Written by bunpeiris

Tuition in English Literature Cambridge, EDEXCEL & National at Kandana by bunpeiris

Tuition in English Literature Cambridge, EDEXCEL & National at Kandana by bunpeiris




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