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Cambridge OL English Essays

Cambridge OL English Essays Part 1 by bunpeiris An essay is a development of an argument, interpretation or analysis brought into the reader, concisely and economically, by way of an enlightening and flowing sequence of points, evidence & explanations that makes the theme alive and vibrant. Writing Essays Is Within You: Its All Yours The task of an essay set by Cambridge OL English […]

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Tone & Mood

Tone, Mood & Register In An Essay Cambridge OL English marking scheme on essay requires the learners to pick the appropriate tone and register. Many a learners pose questions upon this requirement. Following is a brief explanation on the matter. Tone is the author’s attitude to the reader or audience (e.g. formal, intimate, pompous) or to the subject matter (e.g. ironic, light, solemn, satiric, sentimental). Mood is the emotional-intellectual attitude of […]

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Tuition Cambridge Checkpoint English, OL, Literature


Tuition: Cambridge Checkpoint English For Grade 6,7 & 8 Paving the way to an ‘A*’  in Cambridge OL & AL English Language bunpeiris Cut the path to Cambridge OL English Language [1*]  beginning with grade 6 [Age 11-14]: plan for A* in Cambridge International examinations GCE Ordinary Level English Language. Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint test: English as a second language The […]

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Cambridge English


 Cambridge English For Global Recognition Learn English language with a view to a Cambridge Certificate of FCE [First Certificate in English] first and then proceed to CAE [Cambridge Advanced English] and CPE [Cambridge Proficiency in English] as required or branch off to IELTS or Business English or English Teaching Knowledge courses/tests TKT, CELTA & DELTA. A word to the students […]

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Key Words in Education

Education Keywords

Use the Right Key Words in Education Competence, knowledge & skills A competence is more than just knowledge and skills. It involves the ability to meet complex demands, by drawing on and mobilising psychosocial resources (including skills and attitudes) in a particular context. For example, the ability to communicate effectively is a competence that may draw on an individual’s knowledge […]

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English Language Tuition Classes

English language Tuition at Kandana with bunpeiris

An Intensive English Language Tuition Class with bunpeiris A forerunner to Cambridge OL English and Literature Is your child in grade 6 or 7 or 8? Pave the way for A  grade in Cambridge OL English and Literature now itself. Begin cutting the path today itself with bunpeiris. Call 0777 1000 60 today Cambridge OL English Language & Literature classes begins at Kandana […]

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English Literature


English Literature Literature Cambridge IGCSE, OL, Edexcel & National OL English Literature students endowed with a definite literary bent and a sense of the language, are bound to view their studies in literature in broader perspective, once the following article is read a couple of times. Following article for the undergraduates in English is reproduced herein by the kind courtesy […]

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English Language Literature Tution by bunpeiris at Kandana

TUITION IN ENGLISH LITERATURE WITH bunpeiris Cambridge, National, Edexcel – OL & AL “Literature is the question minus the answer”, French literary theorist, philosopher, linguist, critic, and semiotician Roland Barthes. [See, you are free to come up with your own answers. nihil timendum est: fear nothing] “Teachers should aim to develop readers, not literary critics” R. E. Probast in the […]

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