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Tuition Cambridge Checkpoint English, OL, Literature


Tuition: Cambridge Checkpoint English For Grade 6,7 & 8 Paving the way to an ‘A*’  in Cambridge OL & AL English Language bunpeiris Cut the path to Cambridge OL English Language [1*]  beginning with grade 6 [Age 11-14]: plan for A* in Cambridge International examinations GCE Ordinary Level English Language. Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint test: English as a second language The […]

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Cambridge English


 Cambridge English For Global Recognition Learn English language with a view to a Cambridge Certificate of FCE [First Certificate in English] first and then proceed to CAE [Cambridge Advanced English] and CPE [Cambridge Proficiency in English] as required or branch off to IELTS or Business English or English Teaching Knowledge courses/tests TKT, CELTA & DELTA. A word to the students […]

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Develop Resources to Support A Learning Unit

Develop Resources to Support Learning Unit by bunpeirisObjective: At the end of the lesson all learners will be able to use the 7 prepositions of location, namely, under, between, next to, beside, opposite, in front of & behind in given context SESSION 1: ENGAGE: SLIDE SHOW [5 Minutes] UNDER The class is divided into 2 groups & each group take […]

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English Language Tuition Classes

English language Tuition at Kandana with bunpeiris

An Intensive English Language Tuition Class with bunpeiris A forerunner to Cambridge OL English and Literature Is your child in grade 6 or 7 or 8? Pave the way for A  grade in Cambridge OL English and Literature now itself. Begin cutting the path today itself with bunpeiris. Call 0777 1000 60 today Cambridge OL English Language & Literature classes begins at Kandana […]

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