• Cambridge English face2face with Riolta On-Line

    Cambridge English Riolta On-line

    Cambridge English Riolta On Line          CAMBRIDGE ADULT ENGLISH STUDY COURSE: Face2Face Timing: Scheduled to begin in the mid year 2016 Mode of Instruction: [a] 80 percent […]

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  • Cambridge OL English Essays

    Cambridge OL English Essays Part 1 by bunpeiris An essay is a development of an argument, interpretation or analysis brought into the reader, concisely and economically, by way of an enlightening and flowing […]

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  • bunpeiris bun English Lierature

    Becoming cultured, literate and armed

    Becoming Bun: Benevolence   Stand Out Amidst The Literary Elite To Save Our Nation. written by bunpeiris We, The People, Must Become Bun: Cultured, Literate & Armed Today Sri Lanka being […]

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  • cambridge_english_scale_image

    Tuition Cambridge Checkpoint English, OL, Literature

    Tuition: Cambridge Checkpoint English For Grade 6,7 & 8 Paving the way to an ‘A*’  in Cambridge OL & AL English Language bunpeiris Cut the path to Cambridge OL English […]

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  • Teaching & Learning Literature

     Teaching & Learning Literature REQUIREMENTS, APPRECIATIONS AND EXPERIENCES  by bunpeiris Stories tell us how to live. Literature being all about us, the human race; being trained upon of the tragicomedy of the lonely race […]

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  • Multiple Intelligences

    Facets of Intelligence

    Above presentation is developed  and brought to you by bunpeiris. Following article is reproduced herein by the kind courtesy of http://www.tracomcorp.com/blog/more-than-iq-eq-do-we-have-multiple-intelligences/. More Than IQ and EQ – Do We Have Multiple Intelligences? […]

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  • cambridge-english-teacher bunpeiris

    Tuition English Language & Literature

      Stand Out Among The Literary Elite: Study English Language & Literature with bunpeiris High quality intensive English language classes grade 6 onwards to OL & AL at Kandana Stand Out […]

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  • Cambridge OL English Essays

    Cambridge OL English Essays  2  by bunpeiris RAISE YOUR COMPETENCE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TO GLOBALLY OPERATIONAL LEVEL [Your day-to-day chit chat English doesn’t get you anywhere up: let your words flow […]

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  • Alexander_&_Bucephalus.

    Literary Criticism: Aristotle onwards

    Literary Criticism:  Aristotle onwards by bunpeiris I bumped into a pile of second-hand books causing one of the books to be swept off the pile. It was a dusty, discoloured […]

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  • history-of-english-literature-

    Rise of English: Liberal Humanism

    Rise of English 1: Liberal Humanism Written by bunpeiris Rise of English 1: Liberal Humanism is the first article of a series of articles titled “Rise of English“. It has […]

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  • Death of the Writer

    The Death of the Author

    The Death of the Author  A Series of Literary Criticism : Article 2   by bunpeiris Roland Barthes’s 1967 revolutionary essay titled “The Death of the Author”, a landmark in literary criticism, a move […]

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  • Sébastien_Norblin_Antigone_et_Polynice

    Antigone by Sophocles

    Antigone by Sophocles bunpeiris Like Hamlet, Joan of Arc, Galileo and Sir Thomas More, Antigone inspires us with her courage, fortitude and impenetrable strength of conscience. She stands against the […]

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  • Why Literature

    Learning English Literature

    Learning English Literature by bunpeiris Literature being of the virtue of guiding you all to acquire and develop an inquiring mind, you are free to argue not only on any […]

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  • roles-responsibilities-of-a-teacher-by-bunpeiris

    Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

    Roles & responsibilities of a teacher by bunpeiris from B. UPUL N. PEIRIS .

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  • Learning and Teaching

    Learning & Teaching

    Learning & teaching strategies used in literature written by bunpeiris Meeting the needs of learners in planning teaching and learning The teachers may avoid possible adverse effects resulting from the […]

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  • lord-vishnu

    The Great Sinhalese Novel

    The Great Sinhalese Novel, or The Digital Divine Diary of God Vishnu by bunpeiris Chapter 1 “Sri Lanka’s King Sihabahu’s son, Vijaya from Lal country has reached Lanka, together with seven hundred […]

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  • Great Expectations

    Great Expectations

    Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations   Marginal Comments by bunpeiris Great Expectations: the realization of a dream of a poor orphan. Oh! boy that’s a happy ending. Tell me that again, please. Okey, […]

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  • heart-of-darkness

    Heart of Darkness

    Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness Marginal Comments by bunpeiris Kurtz is near death; as he dies aboard the river boat in the journey back downstream, to which he was taken […]

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    Figurative language [2]

    Figurative Language [2]: The crazy rain and hot legs by bunpeiris It was cut and & dried at Kurana, Negombo. Pretty cool, as my nieces at Moratuwa say. A half […]

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  • Mojo and Suzanne

    Mojo and Suzanne  A Novel Written by bunpeiris “For never was a story of more woe than this of Suzanne and her Mojo.”  An absolutely stunning angel in a swaying […]

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Shakespeare in a nutshell

Shakespeare in a nutshell by bunpeiris Was Shakespeare [1564- 1616] fortunate to have lived in the golden age [Queen Elizabeth’s reign: 1558–1603] of English history, or was it the golden age that was fortunate to have him?   The worst of times, the best of works It has been argued the best of the literary works comes into life in […]

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Shakespeare was and wasn’t

Shakespeare was and wasn’t Following gleaning is off  the website of Virginia Commonwealth University VCU MENORAH REVIEW Winter/Spring 2009Number 70 The Ancient Grudge: The Merchant of Venice and Shylock’s Christian Problem Shakespeare was not an anti-Semite like Antonio and Gratiano nor a racist like Portia and Brabantio nor a sociopath like Richard III nor cynical like Jaques nor disdainful like Coriolanus […]

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The Bible Vs. Western Cannon

The Bible Vs. Western Cannon   So, we are back. You guys [as you say] must have viewed and enjoyed, during the holidays, at MC, Sir Ridley Scott’s [Unlike, your sirs at the school, eh!, Scott was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace for his “services to the British film industry” in the year 2003- Hollywood blockbusters Gladiator (starring Russel Crowe), Black Hawk […]

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Becoming Krishna


  Becoming Krishna by bunpeiris Let noble thoughts come to us from every side. Rigveda 1-89-I [1]  “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Shakespeare “She had always wanted words, she loved them, grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape. Whereas I thought words bent emotions like sticks […]

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