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Becoming cultured, literate and armed

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Becoming Bun: Benevolence   Stand Out Amidst The Literary Elite To Save Our Nation. written by bunpeiris We, The People, Must Become Bun: Cultured, Literate & Armed Today Sri Lanka being under the hammer of western powers and Sinhalese being one of the endangered species of the world, as bun, among many others profess that is, it is high time for the […]

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Merchant of Venice

The Demonic Hatred of Shylock by bunpeiris If you prick us, do we not bleed? [MV Act iii, Sc.i] What’s the foremost of the reason for Shylock’s hatred toward Antonio? The main reason for Shylock’s hatred toward Antonio is money. It is not the lack of money, but surplus of money. That was the root cause of Shylock’s hatred towards […]

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Romeo & Juliet


William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet    Marginal Comments by bunpeiris It all catches fire with insanely wagging tongues of a couple of slapstick cowards, minions: not at all by steel of the masters. A brawl among the bawdy & rowdy from the houses of Montague and Capulet equal in dignity, succeeds in setting ablaze an unknown ancient feud between the […]

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Shakespeare was and wasn’t

Shakespeare was and wasn’t Following gleaning is off  the website of Virginia Commonwealth University VCU MENORAH REVIEW Winter/Spring 2009Number 70 The Ancient Grudge: The Merchant of Venice and Shylock’s Christian Problem Shakespeare was not an anti-Semite like Antonio and Gratiano nor a racist like Portia and Brabantio nor a sociopath like Richard III nor cynical like Jaques nor disdainful like Coriolanus […]

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