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Author of the month: Adrian Doff

Adrian Doff Language in Use A popular and highly acclaimed four level course which both interests and stretches learners. Authors: Adrian Doff, Christopher Jones English Type: British English CEF Level: A1 Beginner/Starter – B2 Upper Intermediate Publication date: 21/11/1991 English Unlimited English Unlimited is a six-level (A1 to C1) goals-based course for adults. Centred on purposeful, real-life objectives, it prepares […]

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Teaching an alternative to “will”

future-going to -will

Teaching Future Tense: an alternative to “will” by bunpeiris Lesson: Our lesson is going to be a search for an alternative to “will” [Learners aren’t told yet]Learning Objective: [SMART]By the end of the lesson all learners will be able to make use of the future form of “going to” whenever it is more suitable than will/shall.[Learners aren’t told yet] Class: […]

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Develop Assessment Practices

English Lesson Assessment

Develop Assessment Practices by bunpeiris Introduction It is important to have evidence of student learning during learning-teaching session as well as through follow up assignments & tests. As such it is necessary to develop, use and evaluate different methods of assessment in a learning –teaching session. Subject: English language Lesson: Phrasal Verbs – Follow up Assignment 1 of Unit 1 […]

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Develop Resources to Support A Learning Unit

Develop Resources to Support Learning Unit by bunpeirisObjective: At the end of the lesson all learners will be able to use the 7 prepositions of location, namely, under, between, next to, beside, opposite, in front of & behind in given context SESSION 1: ENGAGE: SLIDE SHOW [5 Minutes] UNDER The class is divided into 2 groups & each group take […]

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Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Learning & teaching strategies used in literature written by bunpeiris Meeting the needs of learners in planning teaching and learning The teachers may avoid possible adverse effects resulting from the collision between the teaching style of the teacher and learning style of the learner by making way for the 21st century learner-centered methodology. The learners do thrive, flower and bloom […]

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