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Facets of Intelligence

Multiple Intelligences

Above presentation is developed  and brought to you by bunpeiris. Following article is reproduced herein by the kind courtesy of More Than IQ and EQ – Do We Have Multiple Intelligences? by Sierra Charter The research on the positive impacts of having high emotional intelligence (EQ) is undeniable, which is why it has become such a desired skill by recruiters and development […]

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Independent Learning

Above PowerPoint presentation on Independent Learning is developed & brought to you by bunpeiris. Following article on Independent Learning is reproduced herein by the  kind courtesy of University of Sheffield Independent Learning University of Sheffield One of the goals of an educator is to apply strategies and techniques to promote independent learning in their students. The notion of independent learning can be unfamiliar […]

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Cambridge English


 Cambridge English For Global Recognition Learn English language with a view to a Cambridge Certificate of FCE [First Certificate in English] first and then proceed to CAE [Cambridge Advanced English] and CPE [Cambridge Proficiency in English] as required or branch off to IELTS or Business English or English Teaching Knowledge courses/tests TKT, CELTA & DELTA. A word to the students […]

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Key Words in Education

Education Keywords

Use the Right Key Words in Education Competence, knowledge & skills A competence is more than just knowledge and skills. It involves the ability to meet complex demands, by drawing on and mobilising psychosocial resources (including skills and attitudes) in a particular context. For example, the ability to communicate effectively is a competence that may draw on an individual’s knowledge […]

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Develop Resources to Support A Learning Unit

Develop Resources to Support Learning Unit by bunpeirisObjective: At the end of the lesson all learners will be able to use the 7 prepositions of location, namely, under, between, next to, beside, opposite, in front of & behind in given context SESSION 1: ENGAGE: SLIDE SHOW [5 Minutes] UNDER The class is divided into 2 groups & each group take […]

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Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Learning & teaching strategies used in literature written by bunpeiris Meeting the needs of learners in planning teaching and learning The teachers may avoid possible adverse effects resulting from the collision between the teaching style of the teacher and learning style of the learner by making way for the 21st century learner-centered methodology. The learners do thrive, flower and bloom […]

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