Literary Appreciation

APPRECIATION OF LITERATURE OL & AL Written by bunpeiris APPRECIATION IS THE THING, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS Literature in English Cambridge OL & AL &  Sri Lanka National  OL & AL: Essay Type Answers As the street story teller once told Scheherazade, the stories do tell us how to live. Being cheated by his queen, the King Shahryar would have each one of […]

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Becoming cultured, literate and armed

bunpeiris bun English Lierature

Becoming Bun: Benevolence   Stand Out Amidst The Literary Elite To Save Our Nation. written by bunpeiris We, The People, Must Become Bun: Cultured, Literate & Armed Today Sri Lanka being under the hammer of western powers and Sinhalese being one of the endangered species of the world, as bun, among many others profess that is, it is high time for the […]

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Teaching & Learning Literature

 Teaching & Learning Literature REQUIREMENTS, APPRECIATIONS AND EXPERIENCES  by bunpeiris Stories tell us how to live. Literature being all about us, the human race; being trained upon of the tragicomedy of the lonely race with intelligent aliens yet to be found for company; being homed in on the march of folly throughout their millenniums of history; being bullseyed on the human condition, to introduce this man-made treasure […]

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Learning English Literature

Why Literature

Learning English Literature by bunpeiris Literature being of the virtue of guiding you all to acquire and develop an inquiring mind, you are free to argue not only on any or all the points of views brought in by you guys, but also on received concepts. Literature is all about us. Literature is all about the humanity itself and nothing […]

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Cambridge O Level Literature in English

Cambridge O Level “Literature in English” [2010] For examination in June and November 2017, 2018 and 2019 4.1 Syllabus aims The syllabus aims to develop the ability of learners to: • communicate accurately, appropriately and effectively in speech and writing • understand and respond imaginatively to what they hear, read and experience • enjoy literature and appreciate its contribution to […]

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Becoming Krishna


  Becoming Krishna by bunpeiris Let noble thoughts come to us from every side. Rigveda 1-89-I [1]  “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Shakespeare “She had always wanted words, she loved them, grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape. Whereas I thought words bent emotions like sticks […]

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