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Cambridge OL English Essays

Cambridge OL English Essays Part 1 by bunpeiris An essay is a development of an argument, interpretation or analysis brought into the reader, concisely and economically, by way of an enlightening and flowing sequence of points, evidence & explanations that makes the theme alive and vibrant. Writing Essays Is Within You: Its All Yours The task of an essay set by Cambridge OL English […]

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Tone & Mood

Tone, Mood & Register In An Essay Cambridge OL English marking scheme on essay requires the learners to pick the appropriate tone and register. Many a learners pose questions upon this requirement. Following is a brief explanation on the matter. Tone is the author’s attitude to the reader or audience (e.g. formal, intimate, pompous) or to the subject matter (e.g. ironic, light, solemn, satiric, sentimental). Mood is the emotional-intellectual attitude of […]

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