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Teaching & Learning Literature

 Teaching & Learning Literature REQUIREMENTS, APPRECIATIONS AND EXPERIENCES  by bunpeiris Stories tell us how to live. Literature being all about us, the human race; being trained upon of the tragicomedy of the lonely race with intelligent aliens yet to be found for company; being homed in on the march of folly throughout their millenniums of history; being bullseyed on the human condition, to introduce this man-made treasure […]

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Cambridge OL English Essays

Cambridge OL English Essays  2  by bunpeiris RAISE YOUR COMPETENCE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TO GLOBALLY OPERATIONAL LEVEL [Your day-to-day chit chat English doesn’t get you anywhere up: let your words flow on the paper & ring in the ears.] “Criticize everything that moves” [Now, take it easy: don’t be nasty or negative about everything. All you have to do is, instead […]

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Cambridge English


 Cambridge English For Global Recognition Learn English language with a view to a Cambridge Certificate of FCE [First Certificate in English] first and then proceed to CAE [Cambridge Advanced English] and CPE [Cambridge Proficiency in English] as required or branch off to IELTS or Business English or English Teaching Knowledge courses/tests TKT, CELTA & DELTA. A word to the students […]

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