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Timing: Scheduled to begin in the mid year 2016
Mode of Instruction:
[a] 80 percent of the study course is on-line
[b] 20 percent of the study course is  Face to Face with multi-media at Ivory Gardens, Kandana  
[c] Study course books: best selling six level Cambridge general english study course     titled face2face” designed in total compatibility with Common European Framework of
Reference [CEFR]. The study course face2face focuses on natural, spoken English and is a great way for students to improve their communicative ability. The speaking tasks draw on students’ personal experience and are ideal for developing confidence and fluency
[d] Materials provided: Cambridge face2face course book, workbook &  CDs
[e] Riolta-online certification on CEFR levels.
[f] Fees: Yet to be fixed: an all inclusive Economy Package featuring
Cost of 2 study course books + on-line tuition+ rent upon on-line portal+ multi-media[Power point presentations, once a month, three & half hours at Kandana]

Examination preparation: Cambridge FCE [First Certificate English] [CEFR B2 level Independent user at British Council, Colombo. Final examination preparation workshop
[face to face] is done  at Ivory Gardens, Kandana, upon your successful completion of Cambridg face2face Upper Intermediate Coursebooks.[B2 level]

FCE Certificate: awarded by University of Cambridge, U.K.

Completion of Cambridge face2face studycourse books Starter, Elementary [A1,A2] Pre-Intermeidate [B1], Intermediate [B1] & Upper-intermediate [B2] sets you up for the Cambridge FCE [Cambridge English First] examination at British Council, Colombo.

Cambridge face2face

cambridge english scale full range

Based on the communicative approach, face2face prepares learners for life in English. Vocabulary and grammar are of equal importance and there is a strong focus on listening and speaking for social situations. Students are given numerous opportunities to practise new language through a variety of communicative activities.

face2face is fully compatible with the CEF and gives students regular opportunities to evaluate their progress. Mapping is available online, as well as in the relevant Teacher’s Book.Each self-contained lesson is easily teachable off the page.

Each level provides approximately 80 hours of core teaching material, which can be extended to 120 hours using the photocopiable resource material and extra ideas in the Teacher’s Book (60 hours extendable to 90 for the Starter level).

Face2face is informed by the Cambridge English Corpus and its vocabulary syllabus is mapped to the English Vocabulary Profile, meaning students learn the language they really need at each CEFR level.

The Student’s Books come with a free CD-ROM/Audio CD offering extra practice activities, video, recording capability, customisable tests and more.

Key features

  • With vocabulary selection informed by the Cambridge International Corpus and the Cambridge Learner Corpus, students can be confident that the language they learn is up-to-date, relevant and natural.
  • A ‘Language Summary’ at the back of each Student’s Book offers students support with new vocabulary, grammar and functional language.
  • New face2face Classware offers an updated form of Whiteboard Software now even more user-friendly and accessible to teachers without access to whiteboard hardware.
  • Features a systematic focus on spoken accuracy, as well as fluency, which gives students lots of opportunities to practise new language in both free and controlled contexts.
  • ‘Real World’ lessons give students the practical language they need for day-to-day life. At Advanced level, these lessons also develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, helping them become more spontaneous, natural communicators.
  • Innovative ‘Help with’ sections help learners to appreciate how English works. ‘Help with Sounds’, new at Starter level, enables students to improve their pronunciation by focusing on individual sounds.
Cambridge face2face starter Cambridge Checkpoint English Elementary Cambridge face2face English Pre-intermediate
Cambridge face2face Intermediate Cambridge Checkpoint English Advanced
The Common European Framework (CEF) 

(CEF) Since the early 1970s, a series of Council of Europe initiatives has developed a description of the language knowledge and skills that people need to live, work and survive in any European country.
The result is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment (CEF)4 .


face2face is fully compatible with the CEFR and gives students regular opportunities to evaluate their progress.

The face2face series has been developed to include comprehensive coverage of the requirements of the CEF.The diagram above shows how face2face relates to the CEF and the examinations which can be taken at each level through University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), which is a member of ALTE (The Association of Language Testers in Europe). In the spirit of The European Language Portfolio developed from the CEF, face2face provides a Progress Portfolio at the end of every Student’s Book unit. Students are encouraged to assess their ability to use the language they have learned so far, and to review any aspects by using the CD-ROM/Audio CD.

In the Workbook there is a Reading and Writing Portfolio section linked to the CEF and a comprehensive list of ‘can do’ statements in the Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, which allows students to track their own progress. What are the maps? For each of the six levels of face2face there are two CEF maps: one which lists the CEF competences for Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing for that particular level; and one which shows how the units/lessons of face2face fulfil the CEF competences.

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